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Fire Protection


Trespa Meteon Uni Colour with the Trespa® Meteon® Uni Colours collection, you can explore a versatile colour palette for your project, offering endless decor possibilities with long-lasting colours that seamlessly blend into everyday life.

Trespa Meteon Lumen use natural light to give your design a completely new look and feel. Let it reflect, redirect or mute light – it’s up to you and your vision. Trespa Meteon Metallics enables you to create endless abstract variations, not just in colour but also in structure and finishes, that will bring your designs to life, time and time again. Beautiful sparkles and flares.

Trespa Meteon Focus textured surfaces, colours that merge and unique designs come together in the Trespa® Meteon® Focus collection, inspired by places around the world and brought to life in three ranges: Tribeca, Brooklyn and Chester.

Trespa Meteon Wood from fresh contemporary designs to classic weathered looks, providing you with wood looks that are indistinguishable from the real thing, this collection brings your wood ideas perfectly to life. Trespa Meteon Naturals inspired by natural appearances and processes, allowing you to work and design with the true colours of nature for a robust and worn natural look or to create an organic look and feel.


Equitone pictura offers a selection of contemporary colour coatings with a smooth and ultra matt finish. The UV cured top layer of EQUITONE [pictura] is smooth and easily cleanable acting as an anti-graffiti coating. Equitone natura fibre cement material is available in a range of through colours. Offering a tactile, smooth surface that allows the textures of the fibre cement to show through.

Equitone tectiva is a through coloured fibre cement material that offers elegant shades of natural colour which provides a unique aesthetic effect. Characterised by the fine sanded lines and naturally occurring hues within the material, these enhance the natural matt appearance which comes to life with the effects of light and shade.

Equitone linea is a unique 3D shaped, through-coloured facade material that plays with light and shadow. Equitone lunara is a through coloured panel. The surface of the panel is characterised by a randomised textured finish that is unique to EQUITONE [lunara]. The two colour shades accentuate the authenticity of the material. The panel receives a hydrophobation that makes the panel water repellent.


Rockpanel Premium is everything you need – and more. With the unlimited design possibilities, you can make any design dream come true. Combine all colours and designs to create your own unique façade. No matter how creative your design, Rockpanel Premium is up to the challenge. Whatever colour, design or shape you have in mind: we help you to push all boundaries.

Rockpanel Colours let your facade blend into the environment. Or emphasise the features in an urban setting. Enjoy complete freedom in the design of your building – in almost any colour of your choice. For a colourfast decorative statement, Rockpanel Colours is the perfect choice. Rockpanel Metals boards are produced from compressed natural basalt, a sustainable and readily available volcanic rock and bonded with an organic binder from which all Rockpanel products derive their unique properties. The products combine the advantages of stone and workability wood. The boards are protected with an extra ProtectPlus layer, which means even graffiti can be removed.

Rockpanel Chameleon, you can transform your building into an eye-catching feature that is constantly changing, but always striking and inspiring. Just change your position around the facade. The colour will never be the same, no matter how long you look at the building. Depending on the angle from which it is viewed and the effect of the sunlight, the surface of the Rockpanel Chameleon facade changes.

Rockpanel Woods, the properties of wood and stone are combined to create a unique product with the authentic look and workability of wood and the durability, robustness and fire resilience of stone. Rockpanel Woods panels have everything you could wish for: they have an authentic wood look, but won’t rot or burn. The boards are sustainable and very low-maintenance. Rockpanel Stones panels are light-weight, they are very easy to handle and particularly suitable for use on high-rise buildings.


Cedral Lap creates a traditional shiplap aesthetic. Available in 21 colours, arranged across four collections, each reflecting a specific lifestyle and outlook.

Cedral Click is a flush fitting tongue and groove cladding that can be fitted vertically or horizontally, creating a contemporary flat finish.

Cedral soffit and fascia boards can be used to cover roof edges, reveals and other facade elements. All products in this range have a smooth finish and are available in the same painted colours as Cedral, creating an attractive, consistent look down to the very last detail!

James Hardie

James Hardie Panel can be used as a direct replacement for existing cladding on a range of buildings. The non-combustible A2-s1-d0 rated panel can be trusted for protection against fire and extreme weathering for many years to come, whilst providing the strength, durability and style that your clients deserve. Cladding your project with Hardie® Panel is a way to not only ensure project safety and compliance but is also great way to revitalise and modernise buildings. James Hardie Plank fibre cement products are built to last. It's the go to façade for builders, homeowners and architects worldwide. Hardie® Plank cladding creates a classic finish for any home and convinces with a high-quality finish. Choose from 21 different colours and make your dream home.

James Hardie VL Plank fibre cement products are built to last. It's the go to façade for builders, homeowners and architects worldwide. Discover Hardie® VL Plank interlocking weatherboard for its great quality, versatility and at least 20% faster installation! The colour range and the modern architectural design offer cladding styles for every taste. So, what are you waiting for? Transform your home now!

James Hardie Architectural Panel impresses with its A2 fire rated performance but is also a real design piece. Pick any of our amazing colours, choose a texture and make every project individual. Available in 8mm for all building types and 11mm for those projects that need to achieve category I impact rating.


ALUCOBOND PLUS is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a mineral-filled polymer core. The superb properties of this material boost one’s inspiration and offer architecture a whole new range of solutions – whether your project is a private home, a public building, a corporate headquarter and offices, or a trading or industrial complex – or if your organisation wants to create a new image-building Corporate Design – whether for petrol stations, car showrooms, banks or supermarkets.

ALUCOBOND A2 is our non-combustible aluminium composite panel used in architecture that fulfills the respective standards worldwide. Thanks to its mineral-filled core, ALUCOBOND® A2 meets the strict requirements of the fire regulations and enhances the possibilities for the concept and design of buildings. ALUCOBOND® A2, just like all the products of the ALUCOBOND® family, allows simple processing, is impact-resistant, break-proof and weatherproof and, above all, non-combustible.


Valcan Vitranamel is a high strength architectural panel with an incredibly tough finish. Vitreous enamelled architectural panels are routinely specified for commercial, institutional and infrastructure projects around the world. Valcan Ceramapanel is environmentally friendly and sustainable, as all of our products are recyclable. The panels are non-combustible and achieve an A1 fire-rating to BS EN 13501-1, making them a great options for high-rise projects. Valcan Evverlap often referred to as siding boards, weatherboarding is a traditional cladding system that historically focused on real timber. Using a fibre cement alternative gives the benefits of longevity and non-combustibility while still keeping the timeless appeal of natural wood façades.

Valcan ProcellaPro is a non-combustible A1 fire-rated, calcium silicate-based fibre cement board using cellulose fibres for structural strength. ProcellaPro is used as a building board or sheathing board for many applications requiring a non-combustible solution.

Valcan VitraDual PVDF coil coated 5754-grade aluminium panel is A1 rated to BS EN 13501-1 for any colour/finish and is designed to provide a solution that can be fitted as cassette panels, standing seam effect, planks, flat sheets and so forth.

RCM Y-wall

RCM Y-wall is a high-quality flexible calcium silicate cement based building board, perfect for use as a fire rated sheathing board. Offering excellent fire properties as well as high levels of dimensional stability, Y-wall is an exceptional board for use in multiple applications.

Y-wall is used primarily as a fire rated sheathing board or building board. Used extensively on both steel frame and timber frame structures, Y-wall is used behind all types of façade solutions, as well in ceilings offering a non-combustible classification.


Kemwell FireKem FP-900® is an easy-to-install, clean and lightweight, non-combustible calcium silicate fire protection building board. It has multi-purpose applications and is commonly used for commercial and industrial building projects.

Kemwell MultiKem MP-1000® is an easy to install, non-combustible calcium silicate building board, combining fire, moisture and impact resistance with thermal insulation properties. It provides up to 120 minutes fire resistance.

Kemwell WeatherKem Fibre Cement Board is designed specifically to meet the complex and stringent requirements of the building and construction industry, providing architects, developers, and contractors with adaptability and performance benefits to enable safe and innovative designs to be easily realised.

Kemwell PFP Corex A1 is a non-combustible gypsum board for applications where superior fire performance and innovative solutions are required, such as structural steel protection, shaft walls, partitions, and ceiling linings.

Kemwell Impact Board is a non-combustible fire, blast and impact protection board and barrier system used for critical internal and external applications in the commercial, industrial, transport and energy sectors.


Rockwool external wall insulation and solutions, living spaces can be made warm, energy efficient and compliant with modern building standards – as well as gaining additional benefits in terms of acoustics, indoor comfort and fire safety.

Rockwool internal wall insulation can be used in both commercial and residential properties to improve indoor comfort and boost energy efficiency.

Rockwool partition walls that separate two rooms are usually constructed with a wooden or metal frame – also known as a stud wall.

Rockwool cavity wall insulation is installed in the space between in the inner and outer leaves of both external and party walls in many building types, both in new build and renovated properties.


Cembrit Patina Original has a natural, textured surface. You can see the fibre and natural characteristics of the raw materials, and you can.

Cembrit Patina Signature, the concept, choice and credit is all yours, and nothing stands between your idea and a remarkable result.

Cembrit Patina Rough has a velvety, structured surface – as if formed over time by nature. This appearance will add a mineral, natural and subtly.

Patina Inline is the choice for those who truly believe that a building is born to be alive. Walking the line between shadow and light

Cembrit Solid The Cembrit Solid range of rainscreen cladding panels consists of 18 intense colours with matching surface and base board colour.


Siderise RH/RV cavity barrier system represent the default choice for market leading, high performance, ‘Rainscreen Cladding Cavity Barrier’ applications.

Siderise RV vertical cavity barriers unique stonewool lamella core construction enables the vertical barriers to accommodate the serviceability movement normally associated with rainscreen façades.

Siderise RH ‘Open State’ horizontal cavity barriers incorporates a continuous bonded intumescent strip to the leading edge and encapsulated in a weather-resistant polymer film. In the event of exposure to fire, this expands and fully seals the designed ventilation gap formed at the time of installation between the barrier and the rear of the cladding


Swisspearl Carat creates clear expressiveness through a translucent, lightly pigmented surface. The through-colouring of the fibre cement panels creates monolithic and elegant-looking building envelopes. The 24 shades of the Carat colour line range from light to dark and from cool to warm shades, thus offering a particularly varied colour spectrum.

Swisspearl Gravial is a naturally dried fibre cement board with a linear milled surface structure and glazing coating. Gravial's linear milling creates an impressive play of light and shadow, depending on the time of day and the angle of view. With the exception of one brown tone, the colour line moves in soft grey tones from white to black.

Swisspearl Vintago is a naturally dried fibre cement panel, which appeals with a sanded and slightly rough surface. Through the polishing process with a rough abrasive grit, the interior and the originality of the fibre cement board is discreetly carried to the outside.

Swisspearl Vintago-Reflex combines the dynamic surface textures of the two Swisspearl colour lines Vintago and Reflex. The sanded, slightly rough fibre cement board is simultaneously given a slightly shimmering character by the submixture of reflective pigments in the surface coating.

Swisspearl Reflex is a through coloured, naturally dried fibre cement panel with a reflective surface coating, which creates a different return of the light. Depending on the viewing angle, this creates a restrained, shimmering look on the surface.

Swisspearl Avera is a naturally dried and coloured-through fibre cement panel with a dynamic production process that gives it an unmistakably natural and authentic texture. The colour range around Avera is composed of versatile and combinable shades that ideally bring out the cloudy look of the colour line. Swisspearl Nobilis is a grey panel with a translucent, lightly pigmented surface that highlights the fibre cement texture in all its natural beauty and elegance. The sophisticated shades of Nobilis create an effortless aesthetic and elegant lightness. As a naturally dried and lightly pigmented fibre cement panel.

Swisspearl Terra is a naturally dried grey fibre cement board with a translucent, strongly pigmented surface. The name Terra represents the epitome of the character for the earthy warm tones. Without noticeably large colour gradations, Terra manages to go from a light to a very dark brown with 6 tones, while preserving the harmony of the colour family.

Swisspearl Planea is a naturally dried grey fibre cement board with an opaque, strong surface coating. Strong, vibrant and particularly colour-intensive are also the shades of the colour family, which is composed of two sunny yellows, two refreshing greens and four pastel to dark reds.

Swisspearl Zenor is a large-format fibre cement panel with an opaque coating. The selected colour range offers cost-effective yet high-quality implementation from production to assembly. All-round protection for building shells with simple elegance.

Swisspearl Patina facade boards are ideal for interior purposes due to their moisture-resistant and mould-resistant properties. Read more to find out how Swisspearl Patina Original boards can be used for decorative wall cladding.

Swisspearl Patina Original has fine, sanding lines on the surface. Here’s a façade board that may be standard, yet it is much more than ordinary. Swisspearl Patina Original comes in timeless colours – it evolves and changes the expression of your building. These façade boards will patinate beautifully over time, adding an aesthetic look to the building design with some unique and subtle variations on the surface.

Swisspearl Patina Rough is a through-coloured fibre cement board with a randomly textured surface. The texture is created by mimicking natural processes giving the facade a different appearance from smooth or coated claddings, namely that of cast or aged stone cladding.

Swisspearl Patina Inline represents the strength and durability of fibre cement. With milled linear grooves in the facade board, Patina Inline gives a 3D effect to the building. The featured lines in combination with the natural light and viewing angle give a lively look that keeps changing throughout the day. Swisspearl Patina Signature is a sand-blasted Patina façade board in a 100% individual façade design where you have the opportunity to put your own motifs on the board and customize the pattern of your choice.

Swisspearl Plank is the ideal alternative to timber weatherboarding, but does not require preservative treatment and is not susceptible to fire. Smooth or textured options give you the choice of a surface finish together with a colour to make your projects almost unique. It can be installed like timber

weatherboard products.

Swisspearl Deco features a rustic coated surface for ventilated facades. The directional grain of the board is subtly visible through the paint - adding a smooth yet natural look to the painted Swisspearl Deco panel.

Windstopper Extreme is a breathable sheathing board with a 60/60 fire rating. The board's composition is designed to absorb and release moisture without affecting the durability, strength or performance of the board.

Windstopper Basic has a very low vapour transmission resistance, enabling moisture from inside the building to pass through. The unique manufacturing process does not include compressing resulting in a naturally rough surface. In consequence, insulation can be placed directly against the inner side of the board.

Swisspearl HD Construction board is an uncoated, untreated high-density building board/cladding sheet with many years of use in demanding climates. Natural grey, homogeneous fibre-cement with a cementitious appearance. Swisspearl Permabase (PB) is a reinforced, lightweight, water-resistant cement board with tapered edges to facilitate invisibility joint installation. Ideal for use on external applications, such as rendering, brick slips or stone cladding.

Swisspearl Multi Force is the versatile building board designed to meet more than one technical requirement at a time – like withstanding exceptionally hard use and preventing moisture penetration and mould growth at the same time.