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What Are The Special Properties Of Fundermax Exterior Panels?

(CSS FACADES supplies Fundermax Laminate Cladding)

In the category of exterior cladding materials, Fundermax Laminate Cladding has made a name for its self. Fundermax offer quality high-pressure laminates. Fundermax is weatherproof and also available in various colours and textures. Fundermax deals in wood processing, manufacturing wooden high-pressure laminates, and other products. These products are used in the building and construction industry. A wide range of high- pressure laminates is used in exterior applications.

It's easy to change the appearance of the building in a variety of ways. Fundermax has plenty of options available ranging from nature, material, metallic and vibrant to digital print designs. Fundermax exterior panels provides a high degree of freedom and panels have both-sided decors. The cladding is extremely weather-resistant.

fundermax exterior panels
fundermax panels

Some properties of Fundermax Laminate Cladding are:

Fundermax Laminate Cladding is dependable and distinctive and cladding offers extremely effective weather protection. The unique rain-screen façade features a double hardened acrylic polyurethane resin which helps to create a powerful weather protective coating. The cladding is produced in laminate under high pressure at high temperatures. Fundermax is considered one of the rain screen cladding out there.

Low maintenance

You can place Fundermax Laminate Cladding and wall panels anywhere in the harshest weather conditions. With long-lasting aesthetics, physical durability is paired. The phenolic panels add value to your project. The material contributes to more durable and appealing results. The features of the material also help to obtain better performance the material. With special cleaning methods, you can clean the cladding.

Special exterior where Fundermax cladding can be used: