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SIDERISE Cavity Barriers

Siderise RH/RV cavity barrier system represent the default selection for market leading, high performance, ‘Rainscreen protection Cavity Barrier’ applications. Used in the external envelope or material of buildings, they make sure the system can drain freely, while maintaining flowing and providing an efficient hot smoke and fireplace seal. Siderise have provided acoustic, fireplace and thermal insulation solutions for building facades for over forty five years. Our passive fireplace protection systems area unit business leading and third party certified.

The Siderise curtain walling firestop was the primary to plug internationally and our reactive resolution for louvered facades was the primary among Europe. Extensive expertise in field acoustics additional enhances our vary facultative US to supply complete solutions that embrace insulation and integrity in terms of fireplace and noise management. The technical team at Siderise not solely has the technical experience to supply acoustic and fireplace safety recommendation however conjointly the sensible ‘hands on’ information with relevancy installation. Our product area unit tested to the ecu standards that include; EN1364-4, EN1364-3, EN1366-4. conjointly tested area unit ‘Open State' Cavity Barriers to ASFP TGD19 (prEN 1364-6) for louvered facades. For project specific recommendation please seek advice from our Facades technical team. Our passive fireplace protection product were traditionally branded 'Lamatherm'.

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Siderise Cavity Barrier Insulation For Rainscreen Cladding

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If you want to offer excellent passive fire protection for rain screens and other types of cladding, then Fire Cavity Barriers is the best option. The fireproof sponge of mineral wool provides a range of advantages:

There are four fitting brackets for horizontal application and three brackets for vertical and to fit around metalwork cut with a sharp knife. The cover is made from a robust and tumescent-coated material, completely water-resistant.

The building elements must be fire resistant and installed at any joint in the fire protection element. A passive fire protection element must seal and close an imperfection of fit. The building elements into which it is installed must provide the same degree of insulation and resistance to the passage of flame and smoke.

Why is there a need to install cavity barriers?

For flame, hot gasses, and smoke to propagate from one building compartment to another, a concealed space in the external wall can act as a chimney and provide an accessible route. The air is drawn in with unsealed cavities, and smoke is vented out, which enables the fire spread to accelerate through the facade. The flames within a hole extending between 5 to 10 times higher than the flame, not within the cavity. The rapid spread of fire from one compartment to another is prevented by carefully selected vertical and horizontal cavity barriers.

What Are Intumescent Cavity Barriers For Timber Cladding?

The range of Intumescent Cavity Barriers for Timber Cladding allows air and moisture to escape from voids and spaces between walls and under the cladding. The ventilation holes and gaps are sealed up by intumescent material on the cavity barrier. The extensive range of ventilated cavity barriers includes holed walls that sit between brick and block cavities and leave a gap for air and moisture to pass. Fire protection doesn't have to be hard work; our technicians provide you with the level of protection you require and the finish you want.

Siderise R-H which is ‘Open State’ horizontal and also the Siderise R-V which is the vertical cavity barrier vary represent the default selection for the market leading, superior Rainscreen Cavity Barrier

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